How to install and use JDK

Version 8

Download JDK

JDK is a set of tools that allow the programmer to develop and execute Java programs. This kit can be downloaded from the Oracle web site, starting from the following web page:
By selecting the Downloads tab, several possibilities will appear. In this how-to, we refer to Java SE 8u51 (which is the first appearing on the web page), as shown in the following figure.


By clicking on the DOWNLOAD below the JDK item on the right of the figure, we reach the page that allows us to select the platform for which we want to download the JDK, as shown in the following figure.


For example, if our operating system is 64-bit Windows, then we have to download the last item in the list, that is jdk-8u51-windows-x64.exe.

Install JDK

In general, the downloaded software is self-installing. In the previous example it will be sufficient to execute the jdk-8u51-windows-x64.exe program.


In order to verify that the the JDK has been correctly installed, we can (always in the 64-bit Windows example) open the Command prompt and type the command

java -version
On the screen, a message should appear starting with the following line
java version "1.8.0_51"